Co-Founders and CEOs of Austudyasia



Bachelor of Education, Certificate of Gifted Education, Master of Education, Brain-Based Learning Certification


Diploma of Education, Graduate Diploma Sports Science, Certificate of Gifted Education, Master of Education

Tracey and Peter are highly qualified and experienced educators, who understand the impact that quality education has on the life of a child. Students taught by Tracey and Peter throughout Asia and Australia have been offered academic scholarships at Australian schools, and have achieved success in assessments and competitions at regional, state, national and international levels.

Throughout their careers, Tracey and Peter have founded several highly successful educational organisations including Young Masterminds, Australian Athlete Tutoring and Optimise Learning. Whilst each organisation is designed to cater for a specialised student cohort, Tracey and Peter’s commitment to each of their students remains the same.

To ensure that each student improves their confidence, understandings, skills and knowledge in every lesson, everyday.

“We took our vision of assisting young people to become global citizens and established Austudyasia.”